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Would you like to learn Mandarin online and discover the richness of Chinese culture? At Break Into Lingo, we put at your disposal a team of highly qualified native Chinese teachers, who will guide you in a didactic and captivating way towards complete mastery of the language and culture you wish to acquire. Our courses will be specially adapted to your objectives. Our Chinese classes online by Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meet or even WhatsApp are the most practical way to enjoy 1 to 1 Mandarin classes online with a native Chinese trainer.


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The first part of a lesson is devoted to teaching the language with practical application in everyday life. We place particular emphasis on oral expression (口语Kǒuyǔ). Did you know that Mandarin has 4 different tones, and that each tone confers a unique meaning to a given syllable? For example, 妈 Mā means “mother”, while 马 Mǎ means “horse”. At Break Into Lingo, we focus on learning the 4 tones right from the start, giving you plenty of opportunities to practice your speaking skills using dialogues and presentations on a variety of topics.

The second part of your lessons will be devoted to listening (听力 Tīnglì). Listening exercises adapted to each level will be integrated into each class. You’ll work with a variety of audio content, from short sequences for beginners to more complex videos and podcasts for more advanced students.

Finally, we offer reading (阅读Yuedu), a crucial step for beginners in the Chinese language. It will enable you to practice your pronunciation, learn to read and write, and acquire a wide range of new words and grammatical notions.

During comprehension (综合 Zònghé), we’ll focus on grammar and practice speaking, listening and writing through a series of practical exercises to be done in class or as homework. This will enable you to fully integrate your knowledge both inside and outside the classroom.

The third part of each lesson is entirely personalized according to your real needs and objectives. We’ll focus on learning how to write Chinese characters, concentrating on the field of activity that interests you, whether it’s art, finance, teaching, engineering, international trade, or many others.

To support you in this process, we rely on our team of experienced teachers whose sole aim is to help you progress and develop a thorough command of the language, both orally and in writing, and “in the field”, i.e. in real-life situations with native speakers.
Our pedagogical approach aims to make each course as useful as possible, constantly adapting to your specific needs. What’s more, learning Mandarin online by Skype, Zoom or Teams offers you unrivaled flexibility, allowing you to take your course from anywhere in the world, according to your schedule.

So don’t wait any longer to learn Chinese online with Break Into Lingo and immerse yourself in an enriching experience that will open the doors to a new culture and new opportunities! Whether you want to improve your language skills for work, study or simply for your passion, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Join us today and discover the wonders of Mandarin and the thousand-year-old Chinese civilization !

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