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S’il vous plaît, bonsoir, désolé, ravi de vous rencontrer…

Accrocher le regard, s’ennuyer, se concentrer, réussir…

A little riddle.

What do the royal courts of 17th century Europe, diplomacy and the European Community have in common? No idea? Here’s another clue: what do Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium, several African countries and France have in common? There you have it: French!

French, the beautiful language of dreams! Paris and the Eiffel Tower. French charm and elegance; fine food and wine; Louis XIV and Versailles; the châteaux of the Loire and Mont Saint-Michel… To name but a few.

Do you want (or need) to speak French for personal or professional reasons? Are you planning to live or travel in a French-speaking country? Or work for a company whose main language of communication is French? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether for work, study or pleasure, and whatever your level, Break Into Lingo will help you to progress as quickly as possible thanks to a dynamic and efficient method based on oral expression and comprehension in class (reading and writing exercises are given as homework). All of our French classes online are taught by native French teachers. The classes take place on Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meet, WhatsApp or any other platform you might need. 


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With the help of our team of experienced, native-speaking French teachers, our primary goal will be to provide you with high-quality, personalized French training.

Your 1-to-1 courses with Break Into Lingo will enable you to learn with a highly qualified teacher who will guide you every step of the way. Whatever difficulties you encounter – vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, pronunciation, or others – you will be challenged and encouraged to make the most of your linguistic abilities. Learning French is not easy, but if you approach it in the right frame of mind and with the right method, you’ll achieve your goals! And don’t forget that our French teachers will be at your side to help you succeed and to keep your motivation levels high throughout your course.

You will have obtain a command of French through a whole series of activities designed to help you improve specific aspects of the French language. In class, you can expect to :

  • make short oral presentations in French (1 to 5 minutes) to improve your oral production and increase your confidence in speaking in front of others
  • listen to and summarize parts of podcasts, videos or articles read out loud by your teacher, to grasp the meaning, practice your listening skills and learn to form correct, coherent sentences
  • describe photos to expand your French vocabulary and make your oral production more fluent and precise
  • learn to discuss various personal or professional subjects through debates in which you will have to argue each of your points of view
  • read aloud to improve your pronunciation and diction

Finally, outside the classroom, and as we mentioned earlier, you will also have the opportunity to :

  • complete written exercises (grammar in particular)
  • write paragraphs or short texts based on videos, podcasts or articles seen in class
  • watch films or TV series in French, with or without subtitles, to present the plot and highlights to your teacher, several times a month
  • read poems, stories or articles in French, and be prepared to discuss them with your teacher

This is a brief overview of our method and what you’ll be doing in class. You should also know that one of the crucial points of our method is adaptability. We don’t apply the same method blindly to all our students. Our strength lies in the fact that we offer learning that can be adapted to the needs and levels of each student.

It’s also important to point out that the method we offer at Into Lingua can be adapted to all levels.

If you are a beginner, you will first learn to familiarise yourself with the basics of French and enjoy becoming increasingly at ease with this new language.

Then, when you have reached an intermediate level, more complex and demanding activities will enable you to gain confidence in speaking and writing.

Finally, at the most advanced levels, the degree of difficulty increases still further and you will learn to master all the subtleties and nuances of Molière’s language so that you can express yourself with the same degree of ease and fluency as a native speaker. And, to top it all off, you’ll also be exploring all the literary and cultural riches of French at the same time!

Join us now: the study and charm of the French language is waiting for you! Progress at your own pace and according to your own timetable. There’s no need to travel or adhere to strict timetables: we’ll adapt to your schedule so that you can attend your lessons in the best possible conditions.

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