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בבקשה, ערב טוב, סליחה, נעים להכיר

לתפוס את העין, להשתעמם, להתרכז, להצליח

Discover the linguistic heritage of Hebrew with Break Into Lingo! Our online school opens the door to learning modern Hebrew by offering one-to-one lessons via video-conferencing with a native Hebrew-speaking teacher.


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Hebrew, the pillar of Jewish culture and the official language of Israel, is a veritable window on history. From Biblical Hebrew to its modern form, the language has evolved over 33 centuries, forging links between generations. In our online academy, learning modern Hebrew is just a click away. Our video Hebrew courses are designed for all levels, from novices learning the alphabet to advanced learners where fluent conversation and a broad vocabulary are the key words. This age-old language, a symbol of Jewish culture, comes to life through our courses. Immerse yourself in a unique experience to master Hebrew online.

Our innovative teaching methods immerse students in an immersive experience. Learning Hebrew online at Break Into Lingo is more than just lessons, it’s a dynamic language adventure. Our passionate and creative native Hebrew teachers guide you every step of the way, using a variety of resources including videos, audio clips, images and games. You will practise oral and written comprehension while perfecting your expression.

We offer one-to-one or small group tuition, providing authentic and intensive interaction that maximises speaking and practice time. This approach encourages exchange, communication and collective learning. Our students testify to the quality of our teaching. Jean, a beginner, has enriched his vocabulary thanks to a variety of lessons. Juliette, an intermediate student, praised the richness of our approach, which covers all aspects of the language.

Anne-Laure, advanced level, spoke of the confidence and skills she had developed thanks to our method. Our system is based on constant interaction, combining oral presentations, descriptions of images, listening exercises, textbook learning and communicative grammar practice. This dynamic combination encourages our students to exploit their linguistic potential to the full.

In the online world of Break Into Lingo, learning Hebrew transcends borders. Whether you’re a student, a tourist, a future immigrant or simply passionate about languages, our platform offers you a captivating journey. Hebrew is much more than a language, it is a key to understanding history, culture and spirituality.

Our online academy reflects the diversity of Hebrew itself. From the alphabet to the subtleties of conversation, our courses are tailored to your level and your needs. Immerse yourself in the richness of this age-old language and explore its evolution, from ancient Hebrew to modern usage. Our team of dedicated teachers will guide you enthusiastically through this adventure, correcting your mistakes, giving you exercises to do outside class and motivating you along the way.

Our methods incorporate modern tools for an immersive experience. Learning Hebrew online is dynamic, interactive and tailor-made. You can choose the videoconferencing platform that suits you: Skype, Google Meet, Teams or Zoom, we adapt. Regular practice of language skills is supported by a variety of activities. Videos, audio clips and games reinforce comprehension, while conversation in Hebrew creates authentic mastery.

Break Into Lingo is much more than a learning programme, it’s a community committed to cultural discovery. Every online video interaction becomes an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Hebrew and Israeli life. Discover Hebrew through the eyes of our teachers, who are passionate about teaching this rich and complex language.

Through our individual and group classes, you’ll connect with this age-old culture, and if you choose the small group option, you’ll bond with other students who share your passion.

Our teachers will guide you through oral presentations, picture descriptions, listening exercises and many other stimulating activities. Every moment spent with Break Into Lingo is designed to bring you closer to mastering Hebrew.

In short, Break Into Lingo is your gateway to Hebrew online. Learning this fascinating language becomes a journey of discovery. Join our passionate community and immerse yourself in the linguistic and cultural heritage of Hebrew. Learning Hebrew online has never been so exciting and accessible.

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