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Learning Korean online with a native teacher by videoconference offers countless advantages. Whether you’re fascinated by K-Pop, K-Dramas or want to communicate with Korean customers, mastering this language opens up exciting new opportunities. Let us guide you on this linguistic journey to discover the richness of Korean culture.


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Learning Korean can seem daunting, but once you start, you’ll discover its unique beauty and fascinating subtleties. You may sing the words to Korean songs without really grasping their meaning. Imagine understanding every word, every emotion expressed. Watching K-Dramas could become much more than entertainment – you’d grasp the deep nuances of dialogue and interaction.

Working with Korean clients could become a fluid experience if you speak their language. Avoid tedious double translation and loss of meaning by learning Korean directly. Immerse yourself in learning the language and discover the efficiency and satisfaction of communicating directly with your business partners.

The special feature of Korean is its alphabet, 한글 (Hangeul). Created in 1443, it democratised access to writing for the general public. Korean is evolving with its complex history, marked by Chinese influence. Chinese-Korean words coexist with native words, creating a wealth of vocabulary and meanings. Untranslatable subtleties enrich communication, such as 푸른 (Pu-reun), which evokes the freshness of nature.

At Break Into Lingo our native Korean teachers will challenge you with highly dynamic and effective activities to help you master Korean, such as active listening followed by targeted tasks, pronunciation, typical expressions, precise description of images, oral presentations…

Korean is a symphony of nuances and unique expressions. Every word and phrase tells a story, capturing deep emotions. If you’re intrigued by these eccentricities, now is the perfect time to dive in and learn. It may seem difficult at first, but every step brings you closer to fluency. Soon you’ll be speaking effortlessly, expressing your thoughts with ease and authenticity.

In lessons, we tailor the learning to meet your objectives. Your native Korean teacher will be assigned to you, which means that you will always have the same teacher to follow your progress, and the lessons will be one-to-one by videoconference whenever and wherever it suits you. Whether you’re aiming to become fluent for travel or master the grammar and vocabulary for business Korean, our programme offers a variety of resources. Colloquial expressions for travellers, literary extracts for intermediates and advanced learners, and even an illustrated dictionary for 한글 beginners.

Each learner has their own pace and strengths. Some excel at conversation, others at grammar or reading. Our method, Break Into Lingo, adapts to you. Imagine mastering the Korean language, opening the doors to a new culture and opportunities. Join us on this exciting journey of language learning and development.

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