Native Teachers

On this page you’ll find a few of our many native teachers in over 17 languages. We update this page regularly but a lot of our native teachers aren’t here… yet! The idea is to give you an overview of the profile of trainers we hire. All of our teachers are highly qualified, passionate professionals who’ve been trained to use the Break Into Lingo method.

Native English Teacher

James – UK

"My name is James, a qualified Scottish teacher in the field of English language teaching.

My pedagogy aims to foster the development of self-confidence in my students as competent English speakers. In my classes, I use newspaper articles, YouTube videos and BBC sound bites as the basis for our discussions.

With 6 years' experience in online and classroom teaching, notably in Spain and Vietnam, I draw on a solid academic approach.

In addition, as a writer and musician, my horizons have been broadened by world travel.

My passion for discovering diverse cultures is reflected in my interactions with students, generating stimulating and instructive exchanges. The richness of the topics of conversation will never fail to spice up our exchanges."

Native English Teacher

Jovana – Canada

"Hello, I'm a teacher originally from Vancouver, currently residing in Serbia where I'm pursuing a master's degree in psychology.

I have accumulated over 5 years of teaching experience, during which I have developed a methodical approach tailored to the specific needs of each student.

During our sessions, I focus on improving oral expression and comprehension, all in a pleasant atmosphere that makes learning fluid.

I look forward to sharing my passion for English with you in our video lessons. Come with questions, doubts, interests and hobbies, professional fears - we'll go through it all together!"

Native English Teacher

Nancy – USA

"After a successful career as a financial executive, I now devote myself to teaching business English with unchanged passion and curiosity.

Armed with a TEFL certificate, a B.S. in Business Administration, and accreditation ... as a Certified Public Accountant, my background is distinguished by professional versatility.

My lesson plans are meticulously designed to align with my students' goals and interests, incorporating critical thinking activities related to their area of expertise (marketing, project management) or specific job requirements (negotiations, job interviews, writing).

I'm particularly keen on teaching pronunciation, as I'm convinced that this considerably accelerates mastery of the language.

As an avid learner of Spanish for many years, I also enjoy the pleasures of laughter, travel, and volunteer work."

Native English Teacher

Kenneth – USA

"Passionate about teaching English, I obtained a Masters in Education and for nearly 20 years I have been teaching professional English to all levels, ages and professional fields.

I particularly enjoy teaching exam preparation courses and business English. ... I've been lucky enough to teach professional English to a wide variety of students and in some fascinating sectors.

My travels around the world have enriched me culturally enormously and I do my best to integrate my learning when relevant into the lessons."

Native German Teacher

Eva – Germany

"I currently reside in Graz, Austria, where I dedicate myself to teaching German as a foreign language.

My teaching practice encompasses a variety of students from diverse linguistic backgrounds, and I attach great importance to the intercultural dimension within my classes.

As a teacher, I am characterized by dedication, creativity and patience. I have a genuine interest in building relationships with my learners.

I value diligence, openness, creativity and a sense of humor in my educational interactions.

Alongside my commitment to teaching German, I recently began a PhD program in dance studies, while working as a dancer with an established contemporary dance company here in Graz."

Native Italian Teacher

Francesca – Italy

"The Italian language is my area of expertise. I'm an intrepid researcher in the field of language education, a passionate language student and teacher, as well as an enthusiastic multilingual writer. I love a challenge, especially the one of demonstrating to my students that the prejudice "I'm not good at languages" is not a valid reason to avoid language learning or improvement.

For the past eight years, I've been teaching dialogue-based, action-oriented Italian courses. My experience ranges from the business world to universities, groups of teenagers and adults, healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses, as well as many other Italian enthusiasts around the world."

Native Spanish Teacher

Borja – Spain

"I've always been passionate about my language, Spanish.

When I realized I could make it my profession by sharing my passion with students who want to learn the language.

I have a degree in literature and have completed specialized training to teach professional Spanish in companies.

It's a real pleasure to discover a unique world with each new student and find specific content around a profession, interests and hobbies.

Spanish is undoubtedly one of the most useful languages to learn and I take my job very seriously, which is why I like working at LingoVisio, which shares this vision of learning."

For the past eight years, I've been teaching dialogue-based, action-oriented Italian courses. My experience ranges from the business world to universities, groups of teenagers and adults, healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses, as well as many other Italian enthusiasts around the world."

Native French Teacher

Aline – France

"My name is Aline and I work as a French teacher at LingoVisio. Languages are my passion: I'm fluent in French, English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian, and hold a PhD in linguistics (Romance languages). Teaching is an enthusiastic vocation, and I really enjoy meeting new people and sharing my knowledge with them. My successful experience includes teaching students from many different countries.

With over 10 years' experience teaching French, I enjoy working at all levels. I am able to prepare students for international French exams, notably DELF/DALF.

It is with great enthusiasm that I offer to accompany you in improving your language skills and discovering Voltaire's language."

Native Arabic Teacher

Zakari – Morocco

"Greetings, I am an experienced Arabic teacher originally from Morocco. My mastery of Modern Standard Arabic as well as other varied dialects enriches my teaching.

As a passionate teacher, I strive to guide my students towards fluent communication and expression.

What's more, I'm able to design personalized lesson plans, perfectly tailored to the specific needs of each learner.

Arabic is a beautiful language with a rich culture that my heritage enables me to pass on to my learners, whatever their level and interest in learning the language."

Native Russian Teacher

Tatiana – Russia

"My name is Tatiana and I come from Astrakhan, a city in southern Russia. The Russian language has always been very interesting to me, and a few years ago I started to share this passion by helping foreign students at my university to learn the Russian language. Over time, ... this passion broadened, and today, I no longer limit myself to my university!

Videoconferencing enables me to teach Russian to students from all over the world, whatever their country of residence - it's magical!

I'm fluent in standard Russian, as defined by the V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute, and I'd be delighted to help you demystify all the subtleties of this beautiful language.

Perhaps I'll see you soon to learn Russian with me."

Native Portuguese Teacher

Gianna – Portugal

"Portuguese is a language I'm passionate about, especially since I've had the privilege of teaching it to students from all over the world who want to learn it for personal, professional or often both reasons.

My lessons are always adapted not only to the level of each of my students, but also - and this is very important - to their individual needs.

This makes my work all the more interesting because I strive to find relevant content for each learner, whatever the field."

Native Chinese Teacher

Jackie – China

"Hello to all of you out there who might be interested in learning Chinese! I have a lot of experience teaching students by Skype, Zoom, Teams and other videoconferencing platforms which makes it possible for students to learn with native teachers in China.

My method is the one I learned with Break Into Lingo and it is very direct and practical so that you will begin speaking right away and every class will be an intense oral practice of the Chinese language.

If you are already intermediate level or above, then we can really start focusing on specific topics that you are interested in for professional or personal purposes, or both.

Looking forward to meeting you!"

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