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Welcome to learning Portuguese at Break Into Lingo! Our mission is to build confidence in learning and expressing yourself in Portuguese from day one via video conferencing lessons with one of our native Portuguese-speaking teachers. We want even an absolute beginner to understand and speak a few sentences in Portuguese after just one or two lessons, our dynamic method makes it possible. Join us to learn Portuguese online and become a Portuguese speaker.


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Cours de portugais en ligne

We speak Portuguese from the very first lesson, using English or French for specific explanations only when this is really essential for real beginners; beyond that we encourage total immersion in the Portuguese language. Our courses are designed for all levels.

For beginners, from the very first lesson you’ll be able to say and understand basic sentences in Portuguese.

For more advanced students, our courses are tailored to your individual needs. We focus on the areas you haven’t yet mastered, whether it’s writing or speaking. We want to help you achieve the fluency you need.

During our courses, expect to have fun while you learn. We use lots of pictures to help you understand and remember. You’ll listen to and read dialogues and texts, then answer questions about them. You will develop your oral presentation skills, from self-introductions to specific topics that interest you.

Grammar is taught in a dynamic way. Each new grammatical element is presented with its practical use, and you will be given concrete exercises to practise speaking. Our aim is for you to feel comfortable using the grammar in real-life situations. All your mistakes will also be corrected, and you’ll keep a written record of everything you’ve seen in class thanks to a shared digital document.

Our teaching approach focuses on communication from the outset. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, our courses are tailored to your needs.

If you already have some competence in Portuguese, we will refine your knowledge. Our courses are tailored to your specific gaps in grammar and vocabulary. Our ultimate aim is to help you achieve fluency in both written and spoken Portuguese.

Our sessions are interactive and enjoyable, focusing on oral communication, expression and comprehension. The various tools offered by videoconferencing make online Portuguese lessons with our native teachers incomparably effective and practical. Expect to listen to, read and answer questions on dialogues, podcasts, videos and texts read aloud by your teacher. You will gradually develop your oral expression skills on subjects you are passionate about.

Grammar is approached in a lively way, allowing you to experiment and apply it. Each new grammatical rule is introduced with practical examples, followed by speaking exercises to reinforce your mastery and eliminate the need to “think” about the correct grammatical form. With practice, the correct use of grammar becomes natural, just as when you speak your mother tongue, you don’t constantly stop to think about which tense to use, you do it automatically; this is what we try to reproduce when learning a second language.

So join us on this adventure of learning Portuguese online. Whatever your current level, our aim is to help you gain confidence and linguistic competence. Become a competent Portuguese speaker with us – we look forward to welcoming you!

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