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In many language schools, the policy is to hire native teachers and give them a few manuals, leaving them to fend for themselves with no follow-up or in-house training. If you're very lucky, your teachers will prepare their lessons and try to do a good job, if not, you'll just have a native to talk to, not an actual class, and what happens if you have to change teachers?


Our language courses on Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or Teams are based on an extremely dynamic method that keeps students alert at all times maximizing speaking time and constantly challenged. They will always be actively involved in the course, using techniques such as "reported speech", "eliciting the interrogative", etc....


We use a multitude of content for our lessons such as articles, photos, podcasts, videos and recordings but we also have our very own manuals: our in-house teaching material is straightforward and divided into 10 levels of 10 chapters each. Each chapter is subdivided into 5 units dealing with specific topics and grammatical aspects. Several themes and activities recur from one level to the next (for example, Chapter 3 of all levels always focuses on the world of work).


Our method allows our teachers to adapt our material and content to any topics that interest you whether it be for personal or professional reasons. For example, you can say to us: "I'd like a combination of business vocabulary, with a special focus on finance and auditing as well as films and water sports" and these subjects will be incorporated into the activities that make up our method: , listening, articles, grammar exercises, podcasts, pictures, debates, vocabulary exercises, phrasal verbs, etc.


Many language schools hire teachers who simply talk to their students without bothering to correct the mistakes they make when expressing themselves. One of the main points of our method and concerns of our teachers during our language classes by Skype, Zoom, Teams etc. is to correct all the students' mistakes: grammar, pronunciation... We firmly believe that correcting mistakes is a fundamental part of learning a language, so much so, that we actually actively push students outside their comfort zone so that they make more mistakes that we can correct and progress faster!


By taking language courses on Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp or any other video conferencing platform, not only are you saving time and money, you're also helping to protect the environment. How? Think of all the energy (gasoline or electricity) you use and all the greenhouse gases you and your teacher will generate every time you go to and from an academy... Consider the fact that the building the academy is in also uses precious resources. So not only do you save time, but the planet too!


At Break Into Lingo, we've developed unique material that forms the basis of our method. Our material is simple, clear and straightforward. It ensures that your teacher will follow a consistent guideline whatever your teacher or level. Each student will receive their own digital copy of the adapted material and content used in class. This enables students to review what they've done in class and study between lessons.


Forget the constant commute to and from the language academy. Parking, traffic jams, wasting precious family time, missing out on leisure activities... By choosing Break Into Lingo these are all concerns and hassles of the past! Have you language classes by Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Skype or even WhatsApp anywhere and anytime that's convenient for YOU! All you need is a decent WiFi or 4G/5G connection and relatively quiet surroundings.


At Break Into Lingo, we don't pretend that learning a language is easy. We know that students who sacrifice their time and hard earned money to learn want real professionals who can push them and help them reach their full potential. We tell our teachers during in-house training that they should consider students like people going to the gym to work out in the sense that no one wants to go to the gym and not break a sweat, what's the point?! Students want to be challenged and pushed outside their comfort zone, and that's exactly what we'll do, expect to sweat metaphorically and progress rapidly!